Monday, February 25, 2013


Merrill made these shoes Sven Nys to celebrate his second World Championship. While these shoes may be made for walking it doesn't look like His Svenness is going to walk away from Cyclocross anytime soon.

Speaking of His Svenness, In The Cross Hairs has been running a series on Nys, examing his every move in races, and coming up with a rationale and motivation for practically every pedal stroke and line that the guys takes. At first you think it's like crazy hero worship gone bad, but watch long enough and you might too become a believer. Who knows? It's pretty interesting stuff. In this installment they dissect the World Championship and put together the plan that Sven used to take the win and World Championship.

For those who may not know it yet, Sven has decided to keep on swinging for a few more years. Next year was supposed to be his last ... but he's not putting his bat or the bike down until 2015 ... or maybe not even then ...

In 2015 Sven has an option to keeping playing. Here is what that discussion will probably look like two years from now with the team management.

When Sven does decided to quit swinging for the fences, and jumping the barriers, this is what he'll probably look like in 2021, or something like that.

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