Thursday, February 7, 2013


While there are literally thousands of great photos and videos floating all over the place that cover the World Championship in Looeville this past weekend, I left my "shoot the racers" camera back at the hotel and opted for the point and shoot thingie, so I could concentrate more on enjoying the race, and less on playing Jimmy Olsen in Rubber Booties. Besides, my photos ain't that great - I'll leave it up to better shooters. It was more than an exciting race, the best bike race I've ever seen or been at, hands down, and while Nys supporters like me (sorry Lekovish about your boy Albert) were overjoyed with Sven bagging his second WC, in the final year of his career, there sure was a lot of crying going on for such a happy time. No wonder the river overflowed right after the race was finished.

Calling Belgium - Nys has won! Nys has won! Let the tears and the champagne, err, beer, flow!

Like mother like daughter, they say in Belgium, apparently. The daughter of the woman at the top was equally overcome with tears of joy hearing that Nys had won the World Championship.

Dad on the other hand was taking the win a little better ...

Pauwels supporters watch and weep in front of the course and the mini-jumbo-tron.

The Kevin Pauwels supporters were probably crying at this point. Imagine traveling across the big pond to see you're guy drop a chain and get it wedged under the keeper. Kevin looked good too - he could of won it, but the team has a problem with chain tension, apparently ...

3-time World Champ, and 2-time Belgian Champion, and confirmed Nys Hater, Mario DeClercq.

I was able to get this photo with Mario on the last lap - we had just watched Nys pulling out a gap on his man Klaas Vantormout, and I'm sure he was going to be in tears shortly. Nice of him to stop for a photo. I would have punched me at that particular moment.

No tears here! Just a little bit of the crowd cheering every racer.

You can almost see the racers in this shot.

While I certainly did have some chills (I've got the flu again) from having the opportunity to be there for this race, I tell you what would make me cry - if I hadn't been there, that's what.

Here's a well done video, and a real tear-jerker, well maybe. Grab some kleenex and enjoy!


  1. Dunker, I missed your commentary of the women's race. Maybe next year at the lower attended USGP :)