Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Vander Harder, Vos, Vander Poel and more ...The Dutch like to party, apparently. This was at the Foam Party Championship Night in Looeville. The Dutch had every right to party Gold in Women's Elite, Gold U23 Men's, Gold Juniors, and Bronze in Men's Elite.

While it's been "Here Come the Belgians" if you didn't notice at this Worlds Championship, and for most of the season, the Dutch are looking like the next powerhouse in World Cyclocross. The Beglie men are still pretty stacked with talent, but when you look at the new young Dutch coming, it's only a matter of time.

Possibly the only problem with world cyclocross domination by the Dutch is this ... if you're Dutch, don't watch. And don't leave any nasty comments.

If you want to see why the Dutch are so good watch the video below, again, if you didn't see it yesterday. Make a note to watch Vos very closely. You'll notice that she's killing it from beginning to end to get  the WC Gold. At the last lap she has something like a minute gap but still looks like the hardest working racer in the entire field.

Vos and Compton the following day. All the foam from the Foam party melted, flowed down River Road and flooded the course - yeah this is the course on Sunday.

Foam Party: J-Pow doing what he does best (DJ-ing and starring in homemade videos) while Tim Johnson does what American's do best (partying hard) Sven does what he does best - rest until it's time to kick some ass on the bike again.

So yeah, the Americans can never again say that the Jet lag is what makes the difference when it comes to the big races after this one. But while the Belgians dominate, and the Dutch are the overall best, we'll just have to be satisfied with being the Party Kings of Cyclocross.

Oh and why are the Beglies so good? Click here and watch what Sven was doing the day before he took the Rainbow Jersey (well in addition to going to the Hooters next door to his hotel.)

Here's Sven on Rollers. Watch the video here. After this workout it was then it was off to Hooters and his second World Championship.

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