Sunday, January 6, 2013


While some of us may have stopped racing - other's haven't. In fact some think this "second season" is the best racing the year. Maybe next year for me, I'll be a spectator for the rest of this winter ...

Adam Myerson isn't the only Adam that Won't stop Can't Stop racing this year. Adam McIntyre was once again hit the cross racing road, packing his trusty GoPro, for the New Year's Resolution Race in Chicago. If you check his FaceBook page you'll find clips and photos of the pro's racing yesterday which turned out to be far snowy and slippery than this race only couple of hours prior to the main event. Powers took day one after being harrassed from the start by a TJ. Adam, in the race above scored an impressive 18 out of 66 in the Men's Cat 2-3. He was 3rd in the Cat 3's. Nice job Big Mac.


Saddling up and going racing. On two wheels or four legs - it's still racing. This in fact looks just like the medal for the UCI racers in Rome today (Sunday). I guess it's the "U" in UCI. 

Held on a horse race track in Rome, today's World Cup was a fast one and was actually dominated by horses that could really get out there and go faaaaast! Here's a GoPro video from the helmet of the Italian that managed run his way onto the podium.

Well, we can just be thankful that the Romans didn't put the race in the old Gladiator Coliseum, because instead of looking like a horse race it would have looked a bloody/porno episode of Spartacus Blood and Sand. I think Fabian should star in the next season of this thing ...

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