Saturday, May 5, 2012


Everybody with two-wheels and a handle-bar is racing somewhere this weekend. Wonder if Cone Azalia will have anything like this?

With a race schedule more overloaded than my dinner plate, races are strew far and wide this weekend. Some of you are going to someplace I think called Goshen Illinoise, or Indiana, or Iowa, while others will be doing Mud Beers and Gears, while other, like myself will be trekking down to Cone Azalia, which calls for driving over 6 hours there and back to likely flat within minutes of hitting the first pothole and then go drink beer in the parking lot until everybody finishes. Depending on your preference for tire size, I may never see any of you again until the fall.

Between races I plan on running down to Louisville for another kind of race that's down with horses, not bicycles. Here's my outfit and some of my new friends that will be going with me for the running of Roses, Hoe'ses. Hey, does that big hat come in carbon?

Recently though, I've had more requests to start up the dirt road rides again. Any takers? You mean you're sick of what you're doing already? I don't believe it ... well good luck to all of you, and drop a line on your race experience back here when you get back. Remember look out for the dunderheads driving those chase vehicles. Just because you survived the opening bell at Grattan doesn't mean you're invincible. Here's how not to get treatment from the medical car.

Yeah I always thought hanging on to the car for a bandage, adjusting your shoes, or just getting drink was a bad idea. Confirmed!

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