Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Werdy One has come up with the great idea of having an out-of-season-ride, or closed-season ride tomorrow night. So if you see signs like these:

Pay no fucking attention to them. The ride is on.

The same idiocy that is the mark of every Bastard ride kicks off from the place at the same place, in Townsend Park. However, to make it slightly confusing roll time has been moved back to 6:30, instead of 6, since we've changed time zones.

This is the time zone we're living in now, I guess. Thanks Werdy, we're enjoying the new time and place.

Here's the official word from Werdy, who's in charge of this total disastor:

I'm planning on dirt roads Thursday night out at Townsend.  Wheels roll at 6:30.  Roll your own pace but plan to re-group at stop signs to keep it together.  Roughly 30 to 35 miles depending on what the group feels like.

Jeff F.

Jeff F appears to be another name he uses, but I'm not sure who this guy is. Anyway, I'm planning on joining in on the fun - that is if I don't die from grabbing valuable rain points tonight at Grattan.

Should I live through tonight, and make it to tomorrow's Bastard Ride I planning on going to the HC,  and drinking some of these later:

See you Bastards tomorrow (Thursday Night - June 16).


  1. Any takers? I'm planning on riding, but if no one shows I'll opt for mountain biking. What say you cats? Are you in, or are you out?

  2. I'm planning on being there