Monday, July 23, 2012


Are the dirt roads calling your name yet? They're calling mine. I'm planning on a ride this evening out of Townsend with a few Bastards. If you like to join us get a hold of me via that FaceBook thing. I'll post up times later today, so look if you're interested.

I really enjoyed the TdF this year. Especially this part. And I really was glad that this guy won. I truly dig his riding style, and his music.

Wiggo played a mean TT and guitar. I'll bet Frommie and Nibbleme really enjoyed his "The Kids Are Alright" number. Strangely Wiggo's other name is the same as the Park I'll be launching from tonight. Never thought of that before ...

So it's time to haul out the Belgy crap, banners, flags, beer and glue and get ready for the oncoming cross season. Indeed it's getting close to time to say goodbye to this:

And this:

And hello to this:

And shit like this ...

In case you forgot what it is to be a 'crossaniac, here's a crash course on everything you need to know and say. Of course you'll need to learn Dutch and whatever it is real cyclocrosser speak. If you'd like to see an American Version of SHIT CYCLOCROSSERS SAY CLICK ANY OF THIS.

If you're starting to plan your race schedule this fall here are just a few of the hotspots and races to see and be seen with your 'cross on.

Dates are up for this year for all the cross series in Michigan. One of our favorite, and one of the first on the schedule is the Ithaca Grand Prix of Cyclocross. It's Saturday September 8th, 2012. Registration is now open. Part of the SOA series, if you don't make this one, well you're actually nobody ...

There are also a couple of races very close, as part of the SOA series in Lansing. They are working on the course right now to get it in top shape for the season. Let me know if you want to go ride the course or help the promoters prep it. Visit the Stomach of Anger site for more details. (We'll put up the link later). Remember this series also includes the Mad Anthony race, another great one.

The Tailwind Series is up. New venues and dates provide some opportunities to travel an explore other races, cities and venues this year. Check out the full schedule right here. For those that like it simple, and straightforward, KissCross also has their schedule online.

Adam Myerson his ownself will be appearing at VeloCity in Holland this Friday, I believe. Check with MC Hammer at VC for details. He's not this serious, ever, but nice photo anyway Adam.

More cross news, I hear that Adam Myerson will be coming to Velo City this weekend, Friday I believe. Adam's always a good time. Asking him if there's any "crying" in cyclocross and see what he says - you can watch him shed a few right here.

Finally I leave you with this ... something to hum wherever you ride tonight. I'm sure Wiggo will appreciate the thought.


  1. I'm in the market for a new facial embrocation for the season? Any ideas? I just hate it when my cheeks get cold

  2. Who would put embro on their face? Wait a minute, I know. Another good question for Myerson.

  3. Another good question for Meyerson:

    Have you ever slipped and put a brake lever through your ear gauge when running on a steep, muddy run-up?

    Thanks for the IthacaGP props... Looking forward to the CXB contingent and all of your craziness.