Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Register for the GP of ITHACA now and you order one of these shirts now. You should be able to pretty much ruin with beer stains and chain grease by race time in early September.

One of our all-time favorite cross races anywhere, anytime, is back. After taking a breather for a couple of years (I understand, I have to take a breather of about six-months or so after climbing a set of stairs) JB Hancock, Cyclocross Course Designer Guru, is back and badder than ever with the 2012 addition of the ITHACA GRAND PRIX OF CYCLOCROSS!!!! I believe that this will also be a part of the Stomach of Anger Cross Series that was such a big hit last year. Make sure you check out Stomach of Anger, too.

If you haven't done the ITHACA GP before, you have to make this one. The drive is easy, doesn't take that long, and the course, the swag, the entertainment are all freakin' top-notch and beyond. The first year this race kicked off with a live band playing in the middle of the course. Let's hope that JB brings that one back.

We're planning a Crazy Bastard caravan of tents, biking crap, grilling crap, sofa and chairs crap, hot-tub crap, heckle-horn crap, and all the stupid stuff and crap that makes for great cross race experience. Big Mac has even built a giant trailer for hauling all of his crap. It's Craptacular!

JB has also put together a video reviewing the history of the race. If you attended any of the races from 2007 to 2009, you might see yourself in it. At least you'll see Slayer a few times, for whatever that's worth. Anyway, the race is Saturday, September 8, 2012, at Woodland City Park in downtown Ithaca, so mark your calendar now AND BE THERE! You can even register now by going here, today.


  1. Roll with it.

    Thanks for the post...have you ever missed the race?

  2. Never. I think one year I went there when you weren't having it and just sat in my car and cried. Yeah, it's that bad dude.

  3. HA well rest assured no more tears this year.