Wednesday, November 25, 2009


51 degrees at the start, 51 degrees at the finish. Lot's of Bastards, new and old. Rode most of the big loop north and logged about 28 miles on hard fast roads. Last week's newbie group, now led by Bob S, was there early and launched before us. They were well done with dinner and beers by the time we reached the HC. 

Our ride: Mike V, Tony, Dave S, Jeff Z, Steve (new), Larry (new), Russ (Dad!), Chris D (Dad!), Patrick D, and me ...

Have a happy Thanksgiving everybody!


  1. The night was perfect. Thanks for letting the newbie join. This was my first night ride and I am hooked. Count on me being there long into the winter! Would someone get a handle on the deer! That was a new one and way too close, thanks to whoever had the lungs to call out the trailer! I'm sure that deer left skid marks.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Forgot about the deer ... always look for the trailer, there's always one more! Nice to have you on the ride! And glad you missed Bambi!!!!!